Blockchain based Protocol for On-Demand Consulting

Bringing the world together by creating an eco-system for seamless knowledge sharing


Total Tokens: 1,000,000,000 MAP

Hard Cap: 300,000,000 MAP

Soft Cap: 10,000,000 MAP

Token Price: $ 0.1

We Accept: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP



Search for relevant professionals. View their content & check their ratings/reviews.


Call them directly through the app basis their availability and per minute rate.


Payments happen automatically basis the call rates through your Maester Protocol wallet.


Rate and review your conversations and earn incentives.

Maester Protocol: World's first blockchain based protocol for on-demand consulting

Search for skilled professionals, talk to them instantly and Pay automatically based on their consultation time at virtually zero cost


Maester is a term borrowed from the popular fantasy television series - The Game of Thrones, where Maesters, are an order of scholars, healers, and learned men in the Seven Kingdoms. Due to their scientific and intellectual pursuits, they are sometimes referred to as "the knights of the mind".

In the context of the platform, a Maester means a professional that other users can reach out to for consultation. We believe every one of us has a skill or knowledge that others can imbibe from us and hence we call our users ‘Maesters’ and the digital currency associated, Maester Coin. Hence our mantra, Anyone can be a Maester and earn more with Maester Protocol!

Choose Professionals on the basis of their PRM score


Users can post blogs, pictures and videos on the platform showcasing their skills or knowledge about the subject to establish thought leadership. This is called Professional Reputation Management or PRM. The Maester protocol through its proprietary algorithm generates a PRM score for every user by analyzing user demographic & activity variables using typical data mining technique of logistic regression. Additionally, fraud analytics, application scorecard, collections scorecard and churn propensity prediction are created to scrutinize customer behavior. PRM score along with user generated rating and reviews can be used by users to evaluate the Maester before engaging in a paid conversation.


Professional Reputation Management (PRM)

Post blogs, pictures and videos showcasing your skills or knowledge about the subject to establish thought leadership


Search by name, skill or simply type your question and get relevant professionals to consult. Select your preferred professional basis their PRM score, previous ratings & reviews

Voice & Video Calls

Consult on call with automatic debiting of payment on a per minute basis from your Maester Coin wallet. Different prices can be set up the professional for voice or video call.

Minimum Viable Product(MVP)

P2P Payments

Send and Request payments for projects or assignments. Protect your work by uploading the assignment on the app and allow downloading only when the payment has been received

Personal & Professional Use

Sync your phone book and message or call your own contacts free of cost. Send and Request payments to your contacts anywhere in the world instantly.

Micro Credit

In case of low wallet balance, users with high usage and engagement with the App will be eligible to apply for micro credit from other users at a daily interest rate for emergency calls.

Why Invest early?

  • 250 billion USD consultation market soon to be disrupted by the on-demand economy
  • Highly talented team with over 75+ years of cumulative experience of running technology projects successfully
  • First Mover Advantage - No live competition in the market which offers a similar or better service of Search, Call & Auto-Pay, hassle free
  • ICO investors get waiver on the Maester Protocol platform in Transaction Fee, till the cumulative consultation fee of calls made equates the value of Maester Protocols bought in ICO
  • Benefit of price rise of the token from ICO to the time of platform launch
  • Bonus tokens to early investors
  • Contribute in fostering entrepreneurship & increasing opportunity of self employment for marginalized sections of the society who are skilled, especially women


Token Sale Details

30% Tokens for Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

50% Company held tokens, for retail sale in application

10% Team, locked in for 18 months

7% Advisor

3% Bounty and Referrals


Token Pre-Sale

Start Date: 19th November, 2018 GMT

End Date: 1st January, 2019 GMT

Bonus: 30%

Minimum Purchase: 15,000 MAP

Crowd Sale

Start Date: 15th August, 2019 GMT

End Date: 30th September, 2019 GMT


Week 1: 15%

Week 2: 10%

Week 3 & 4: 0%

Minimum Purchase: 500 MAP

Token Price : 1 MAP = $0.1

We Accept: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP



Project Ideation. Identifying pain areas of skilled professionals and knowledge seekers

June 2017


Concept development, focused group discussions on industry and associated problems

September 2017


Market Research, competitor analyses, financial projection and study of technological feasibility

January 2018


UX/UI development started

April 2018


Contacts and Profile Management, Social profile linking

June 2018


Communication features - voice call, video call and chat

August 2018


MVP release with free calling, Face recognition

October 2018


ICO: Pre sale, crowd sale and Token Generation Event

October-December 2018


Wallet creation, Paid calling with Testnet, Smart contract creation for automatic payments

December 2018


Scheduling of calls, FIAT payment gateway, Cryptocurrencies Integration

January 2019


Product Testing and Security Audit

February 2019


Beta version launch (Mobile Application for iOS and Android)

March 2019


Community feedback based refinements, addition of group calls and screen sharing

April 2019


Market release - Mobile App. Desktop application development to start

May 2019


Payments algorithm implementation including advanced rules for P2P lending

June 2019


Promotion - Phase wise plan as per the digitalization momentum in countries, divided into categories; explained in whitepaper.

June 2019


Desktop Application release. Social commerce and ancillary services launcht

October 2019

Business Model

Multiple revenue streams ensure a robust and sustainable business model. The Maester Protocol would initially build the below mentioned revenue streams to cover the cost of operations and gradually scale up
  • Transaction fee of 0.5% on every payment made for paid calls
  • Transaction fee of 0.5% on In-app payments done for unlocking documents, images, videos and other products or services
  • Paid promotions by professionals to acquire clients
  • Subscription fees, suitable for high frequency callers
  • Earnings as a percentage of interest earned on micro credit
  • Affiliate revenue from sites and Apps who get traffic from Maester App
  • Fee for premium services like call recording, group calls, scheduling etc
  • Transaction fee of 0.5% on Social commerce payments


Read the latest on our project and the industry from our editor’s desk


The leadership of Maester Protocol has hands-on global professional experience in building world class technology companies. The core team has worked in relevant industries such as On-demand economy, enhancing employability and skill development, data analytics and building strategic partnerships, making the team a perfect recipe for success.
Robert Downey
Rohit Chadda

A serial entrepreneur with a proven track record of building global technology ventures and a key contributor to the growth of the on-demand economy. He was a co-founder of foodpanda (acquired by Delivery Hero), one of the largest on-demand food delivery companies in the world. Previously, an investment banker with Merrill Lynch London (now Bank of America Merrill Lynch) he has global markets experience in origination, structuring, sales trading and capital markets. An angel investor and mentor, he is working actively with startups on various applications of blockchain technology.

John Doe
Rishi Shukla

An entrepreneur with 13+ yrs of experience in implementing social impact projects, skill development of 38k rural students & a government of India funded unique identity program with 1 billion enrolments. He has nurtured the spirit of entrepreneurship in rural India by imparting entrepreneurial skills in unemployed people to make them self-employed. It was during this process that he identified the problem we are solving. Earlier, Rishi also worked as predictive modeller in data analytics teams for global companies like HSBC, GE Capital and Evalueserve.

Thomas Moriz
Davide Malimpensa
Data Scientist

A big data scientist with over 16 years of global experience in data mining and analytics projects for Fortune 500 clients like Wells Fargo, British Telecom among others and also has rich experience of working in the outsourcing environment at Evalueserve. He is the Regional COO - North Italy Area for International Chamber of Commerce Italy-Eurasia. With Master’s Degree in Analysis & Evaluation of Complex Systems, Davide has special expertise in analyzing customer behavior by creating models as used in Fraud Analytics, Credit applications and Churn propensity prediction.

Our Advisors

Karan Arora
Karan Arora
Global Government Relations, Visa
Karan Arora
Preetam Rao
Blockchain Advisor
Kartik Mandaville
Kartik Mandaville
CEO, Springrole - Blockchain based Verification Protocol
Aakar Arora
Aakar Arora
International Business Consultant, EY
Akshay Babber
Akshay Babber
Territory Head,; On-demand Travel
Akshay Babber
Nishat Mongia
VP,; On-demand Gifting
Dr Hardik Thakker
Dr Hardik Thakker
Country Head, Hysto Expert Digital Services
Parul Seth
Parul Seth
Tax consultant, KPMG
Parul Seth
Suraj Joshi
Film Director
Suyesha Savantt
Suyesha Savant
Journalist & Anchor, ex-CNBC
Parul Seth
Wael Al Masri
Technology Entrepreneur; Space Mechanobiology
Karan Arora
Urmila Thakkar
Choreographer, Dancing with the Stars (India edition)
Dr Hardik Thakker
Mohit Wankhede
COO, Unit Head; Healthcare Management
Abhishek Khanna
Abhishek Khanna
Food & Lifestyle Photographer
Ishita Sharma
Amreen Khurana
Amreen Khurana
SVP, Talent Management & Sports Marketing
Dr Hardik Thakker
Deepti Dyondi
Zumba instructor
Amreen Khurana
Uttara Dhanjal
Yoga Practioner & Guide
Parul Seth
Dr Amarjeet Singh
Physiotherapist; Business Head, Apollo Clinics
Abhishek Khanna
Nilesh Sharma
Voice Over Artist
Dr Sandeep Porwal
Pathology Medicine Expert
Amreen Khurana
Anisha Tolani
Media Professional,
Amreen Khurana
Sneha Kalbag
Founder Director, Event Management
Amreen Khurana
Brijesh Kumar Patel
CEO, Travel Advisor



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